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drawing away

We have a large deer population on our 40+ acres. The does are so fat and sleek & the bucks snort with real vigor in the early morning hours. Our dogs go nuts when they see them. I was in… Continue Reading →


@tellio @dogtrax Though I never want to think about #smallstories rules, if there were one it would be that the boundaries between personal and fictive remain blurred, unanswered. response to question open and unanswered

open and unanswered

Tellio @tellio @dogtrax It is interesting to me as I reflect a little on #smallstories activity that the kinds of stories are almost exclusively personal narratives. Perhaps they could be more fictive. Maybe they already are. How would we even… Continue Reading →

unruled paper

Tellio @tellio @Tdorey @dogtrax I love unruled paper, too. I make observations not to norm, but to show how far spread are the deviations in the field observed. I celebrate all of it as well as the choices folks make… Continue Reading →

trading sickness

Chuck Pearson @ShorterPearson Saturday after the family has traded sickness around for a week is for sleeping. Now if you’ll excuse me… #smallstories #mystoryissmallerthanyours

still there

dogtrax @dogtrax I saw it in the used bin — five CDs for a buck in the back of the store. Recognized the cover. It was one of mine. Not one I owned. One I made. My songs. With a… Continue Reading →

raw numbers

dogtrax @dogtrax @ShorterPearson Each card contained the raw numbers of who batted when and where the ball was hit, but never did we find the numbers on who caught it and how #smallstories poem remix (which is longer than the… Continue Reading →


dogtrax @dogtrax @Tdorey I find myself sensitive today to invisible voices, my ears pressed to the trees, listening deep. I’ve been told there’s a quiet truth to be heard in the silence but all I gather from the world is… Continue Reading →

around the compost pile

Tellio @tellio Cleaning up around the compost pile this afternoon, I lifted a small pile of garden cloth from atop. There, licking its forked tongue, tasting the air, was a rather large copperhead. I watched its pitted head swing back… Continue Reading →


I awoke in a panic this morning. Late, late, I was going to be late. As I struggled out of bed, tripping over an abandoned pair of boots and disturbing a cat, I realised …. ah … today is Saturday… Continue Reading →

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