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audio response

vocaroo.com/i/s0zuBXo22a1I @dogtrax June 28, 2017

everyone’s on edge

I didn’t want to say anything — wish I hadn’t now — but right after posting the two parts I saw a string of other toots in my Home TL about racism… Just seems like everyone’s on edge (rightfully so),… Continue Reading →

flagging caution

Be careful when interpreting my #smallstories, which for purposes here will always be true events from my life. (This is not a story, I’m just tying in the hash.) Normally a story should stand on its own, with no further… Continue Reading →


It was another summer day in Seattle in 1990 on Capital Hill. I needed nails. I made my way to a small co-op a few blocks away on 15th. I looked like I belonged on the Hill. Young, bald, muscled,… Continue Reading →

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